great idea for charring and grilling

Coqueta, Seducing the Embarcadero Tomorrow

Argentinean Parilla Char Grills

Beech Argentinean parilla grill recreates the flavours and style of authentic South American cuisine.

there is not maybe, this is a must. All i can say is stand well back, because its grillin time

Get to know Grillworks, the company trusted by some of the South's most renowned chefs

Parrilla con estantes

This ingenious multiple tray barbecue rotisserie lets you cook a small feast of steak, seafood, pork chops, veggies, and more over indirect heat in your gas grill or smoker.

There are normal grills, and there are grills made by Grillworks.

The Cult-Favorite Wood-Fired Grills Taking the Restaurant World by Storm

Etxebarri, village of Axpe, Basque country, Spain. Most basic cooking techniques, most excellent food. Chef Arguinzoniz is a creative genius.

Jay Rayner picks the best place to eat barbecue

Bittor Arguinzoniz at work over his self-built stove at his restaurant Etxebarri.