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MELLAPPPLES<<<OMG<<< How did we find it<<I don't even care I just know that I absolutely need it

Dan and Phil: Gifts & Merchandise

Omg hahahaha

And in this moment, Dan fully realized that he is, and always will be, just a giant meme.

I would find this funny but it's not the thought of Dan dying makes me want to cry. Not just Dan though the thought of all my favorite Youtubers dying or being dead. To think one day that they won't be sitting behind a camera and saying Hello internet or hello kills me.

Ok but I thought the eulogist was gonna say don't cry for Dan craft for him lol oh my gosh

This happened...Vic Fuentes :)

My mom did ask me about band members today too haha. Pearl Purdy we should make a power point :p jk

Phil would sell more.

Guys this actually makes me really sad because Phil put on a brave face even though that probably hurt. I mean Dan got a poster. Everyone always hates on Phil and I feel so bad for him. Why do people prefer Dan? << THIS<<< I would buy a Phil poster.