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tag urself I'm I the only one who sang this? And exetensial Daniel

Soft kitty warm kitty- Daniel version<<<< u sure it's the kitty song it sounds like the lama song

Im so thankful for Dan and Phil. They are such good people with such motivational quotes! Though they aren't always serious, and usually funny, they do know how to make people feel good!! I LOVE DAN AND PHIL

Daniel James Howell and Phillip Michael Lester. They are the sweetest and kindest most encouraging people I have ever seen. I do love you Dan and Phil.

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Actually before Dan winks the guy to his right said "boyfriend? Just saying <<actually the guy to his right said girlfriend, dan winked phil said no guy to the right said boyfriend and dan winked again

DAN HOWELL XD - image #3068141 by helena888 on Favim.com

And I`m not on my laptop. (side note: Last night I changed lots of my boards and Dan and Phil are on almost EVERY board I have XD when did I become such trash?) <<< You Always Have Been and will FOREVER Be Phan Trash

OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING(phil) (hahahahahaha see what i did there im so funny hahahaha) <<you are an amazing(Phil) person. Lol but srsly tho u r