pattern by Minakani #abstract #minakani

Patternatic--- Patterns Rule Everything Around Me

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Swirls And Colors iPhone 5 / SE Wallpaper

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Cloud 9 fabrics | Yucca Cenote voile

Voile Cenote Pink by Leah Duncan Yucca Cloud 9 Collective OE 100 Certified Organic Cotton Multi Color Fabric - Pink Geometric Fabric by Owlanddrum on Etsy

Ligne noir

b&w pattern - stripes ✭ graphic pattern inspiration

pattern by Minakani #abstract #minakani

pattern by Minakani


Retro / Vintage style Lemons and oranges pattern

Soviet-era textile design (via 0_2522d_64d1a76_-2-XL (621×800))

Soviet-era textile design (via

The Art Of Jordan: The Art of E. A. Seguy

Eugène Séguy: Insectes on Miss Moss · just gonna file this under coolest things ever. these are illustrations by French entomologist Eugène Séguy, from a…

Léa Maupetit - Cléopatre

I am a French illustrator and printmaker based in Paris, working as a freelancer. I am passionate about patterns, fashion, textile and I love children’s literature.

pretty patterns

This wallpaper design kind of look like Almonds pattern I made back in graduate school.

#minakani #terrazzo #granito #allover #pattern

#minakani #terrazzo #granito #allover #pattern

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Inspiration for patterns of the red toon wallpaper. Not color. Hand Drawn and Digital Line Pattern Print Art Print

pattern by Minakani #abstract #minakani

pattern by Minakani

Design by Minakani for Williamsburg #minakani  - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/558446422519972473/

I would call these line shaped planes. They have a regular rhythm within their triangular/parrellelogram "boundary" This creates the illusion of a larger plane. Each of these shapes are aranged in a way to create seemingly Volute spirals.