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Best Friendship Quotes Friendship is essential especially at a time of need when you badly need someone around. It is also something to be treasured highly because it is, in the real sense, some sp…

"Life is like a camera..." such a great quote!

Life is like a camera Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, Develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot

Jane Austen Quote art print.  My heart is and always will be yours.  Sense and Sensibility.  Edward Ferrars.

"My heart is and always will be yours" - Jane Austen love quote; Sense and Sensibility love quote;


We had no idea how much there was to see underwater and how incredible scuba diving is.

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A good day is a good day, a bad day is a good story. In the end it's all good. -Glennon Melton… need to remember this!

Remember you are worth that Smile someone gave you today! Pay it forward, folks! Pay it forward. We LIVE in AMERICA! A FREE country for now. Please, just pay it forward!

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How To Control Your Thoughts For The Law Of Attraction

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It is our perspective that needs to change. j

You can take something awful or make it good. So you can either make your life horrible, or make it the best you can, by changing your perception of the thought you have within!

Being humble

Mother Teresa’s Humility List - worth reading every day. Humility is extremely hard to master. Most of us aren't even trying, in fact many live intentionally against these principles having mastered selfishness, pride, and entitlement.

Will this matter a year from now?

just a simple quote that I love. This is how I pick my battles in life. Fight for what will matter in a year, not the petty crap. Just live!

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Being in shock/denial while grieving is weird because you're crying over something you don't believe happened. Alyss and peter.