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Creepy Post-Mortem Photos From The Victorian Era . A photo postcard showing a dead nun in Palermo, Sicily.

Victorian death photo

Framing thoughts: Death Portraits

***Trigger Warning: This post contains numerous post-mortem photos of children***Via Wikipedia:Post-mortem photography was very common in the nineteenth century when "death occurred in the home and was quite an ordinary part of life.

Esther Mae #memento #mori

Post mortem photography: Little Esther Mae Carter, daughter of M.

ca. 1850s, [post mortem daguerreotype portrait of woman enveloped in black], Matthew Brady via Be-Hold, from Invaluable Auctions

[post mortem daguerreotype portrait of woman enveloped in black], Matthew Brady via Be-Hold, from Invaluable Auctions

Victorian Memento Mori | memento mori, ca. 1840-60

Postmortem photo: ca. [portrait of a mother and her dead child] via Secure the Shadow: Death and Photography in America, Jay Ruby, courtesy of the Strong Museum

Circa 1880 She's dead. Hard to believe on some of these. Unless you know what to look for.

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Mary Cliffords baby, taken 1880

Mary Cliffords baby, taken 1880

Just guessing ... memento mori photo (??).  When photography was uncommon, bereaved relatives would often have just *one* image to remember their loved ones by.  Arranging for a professional photographer sometimes took longer than was desirable and some photos would include painted on eyes (clearly, from this photo, some better executed than others).  The deceased were also often posed, using stands and props, as though they were still alive.

Some Pinners have this on their board as a Memento Mori. Whoever Photoshopped this image of a normal woman into this, had a sense of humor.

Victorian post-mortem hand-tinted daguerreotype. Imagine a time when families didn't own a single photo or painting of their loved one. The childhood mortality rate of the Victorian era was particularly high. For many of these grieving families, a post-mortem photograph may have been the only image they would ever have of their child. Poor thing, she just looks inconsolable. Shell-shocked.

Early Post Mortem Photography: Dead Baby With Mother


gorgeous tintype,,,postmortem Beautiful but so sad.

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Pretty baby in coffin

P.M. Anonymous and hauntingly beautiful image of a lovely young girl lying as if she has just fallen asleep while reading the book that lies in her lap. Exterior landscape in background taken on porch or large open window, housed in geometric embossed paper-covered wooden case. Autograph album with embossed cover in her hand reads Mary E. Hodgkins.

tuesday-johnson: ca. [beautiful, albeit tragic, post-mortem tintype portrait of a young woman] via Cowan’s Auctions

.Beautiful post mortem photo

A pinner says, " post mortem photo

Ces morbides photographies post mortem en 1800 morbides photographies post mortem de cadavres 1800 epoque victorienne 1

Ces morbides photographies post-mortem en 1800

Victorian mourning tradition was the post mortem photo. These are regarded by most people today to be morbid, yet they were quite common

Young girl posed on a bed with a bouquet flowers in her hands.

Young girl posed on a bed with a bouquet flowers in her hands.

I don't understand why we have stopped post mortem photos? I believe it's a wonderful memorial.

The Bizarre Tradition Of Post Mortem Photography From The Victorian Era

Pictures in Time: Stiff Pose: Victorian Postmortem photography