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Sparkly pink full moon tattoo on the forearm by IDA.

Moon system

The stars the moin, they have all been blown out, you left me in the dark Nice idea, not straight down the back

Transition of the moons

The Moon Cycle Since ancient times, the moon has always been associated with the feminine, the subconscious, and the mystical. This moon cycle tattoo is a reminder of the seasons of life, and of its ebb and flow.

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geometric moon tattoo - (one could point E and the other W)

geometric moon tattoo, thinking of this idea, back of arm tattoo

Minimalist Tattoo | A postmark tattoo to commemorate an occasion includes city, state, date (day, month and year) of the occasion. Here is an idea... send a message within the circle and or flag area using Morse code, such as name, the occasion or other reminder.

postmark Tattoo, And of course it's this place. Date and place of birth would be cool.

Afinal, que não curte uma paixão mas horas vagas?

Ideias de tatuagens para fazer de acordo com seu hobby

Afinal, que não curte uma paixão mas horas vagas?

Mandala tattoo, color though. I'd rather the placement in between boobs, but still in LOVE this tattoo.

White Mandala Tattoo by Jinx of Broken Clover. I want a white ink tattoo some day.

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So...I don't know what this says but I like the circles. Bible quote tattoos | tattoomenow.comCircular Quote Tattoos

"Men readily believe what they want to believe * Where there is doubt there is freedom * The man who is consistently in fear is everyday condemned * Dont carry logs into the forest * Truth conquers all" 5 quotes tattoo

I'd love a moon phase tattoo

Temporary tattoo

What to Focus On

Temporary tattoo design by Marc Johns (no relation, har har) for Tattly. (combine with tree ring)

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