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Unless its fly. Then I'm like"get out of my way!";)

I go first lots of times, unless I'm in the fast people lane!<<<---I am the fast people lane!

and starting to sing, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" as LOUD as you can!!!!!

Hahaha thats when we enlist the guys to talk for the rest of practice to the coaches so they froget what we are doing. Most of the time they fail and have to do laps after practice but sometimes they succeed and we just have a tiny set.


my coach came into my math class one time and me and my swimming friend were sitting there and he goes "So THATS what you guys look like with clothes on!" and everyone was like um what.

And the mini heart attack that ensues

and then you have to swim faster to make up for that and you waste more energy than you needed to and I get DQed.

Coach asked me if I couldn't handle the boys, and that's why I left. I just laughed and told him that the boys couldn't handle me, so I moved up.

So I joined this new swim team and there is only two girls and like 6 guys and one guy Jack always tries to get you know AT me b