Baby Elephant Dancing - "put your left foot in, put your left foot out, put your left foot in and shake it all about, do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around, that's what it's all about!

Elephant mother and calf

African Elephant Cow and Calf, Amboseli National Park, Kenya Art Wolfe Stock Photography .

love these little guys hope they are happy in the wild where they belong!

PHOTO: The Cutest Smiling Elephant

******************************************** - Pixdaus -The performing elephant??!!

An elephant stands on its back legs to reach high leaves with its trunk in a forest at Mana Pools, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Zimbabwe. Photographer Morkel Erasmus captured this behaviour, which has made the Mana Pools elephants famous but has.

i want one so bad!

Omg my favorite animal is an elephant . A baby elephant is even cuter. I want so badly .

Elephant & Calf

Cute Mother and Baby Animal Pics - Celebrate Mother's Day with gorgeous photos of mother and baby animals. Cute baby animal photos on woman and home

You look at this picture and try to tell me animals do not feel or understand! oh the happiness I see =] baby elephant playing in water!

I want to be that person.

swimming with Elephants.I bet it's even cooler than swimming with Dolphins! lol I swam with dolphins years ago and loved it, but would totally swim with an Elephant if I ever get the chance to!

"You're my best friend Todd." "and you're mine Copper." "And we will always be friends forever right?" "yeah forever"

This would have been me as a kid. I always wanted an elephant as a best friend.

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