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Puppies With Puppies. Would love a picture like this of Bella but I would have to gather the shredded pieces all over the house :(

Sleeping And Cuddling

Sleeping And Cuddling // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - puppy love


This German Shepherd/ Wolf Hybrid is cute yes, but if ppl continue to breed with wolves the wolves will die out! Our environment needs them!

How to guarantee a home for life:  1. Spot tiny human  2. Make introduction  3. Slobber all over said human so nobody else can claim it.  4. Stand watch over little human so no animal or human dare approach.  5. Swear eternal devotion. I <3 THIS!!!!

23 Reasons Why It's Delightful Being A Baby

See baby. See giant puppy. See giant puppy see baby. See giant puppy hug baby. See giant puppy cradle baby. Giant puppy and baby are friends.


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Wolf Hybrid Puppy for Sale: GORGEOUS WHITE HYBRID PUPPY IN NC - 04c3b648-13b1

Wolf Hybrid Puppy for Sale: GORGEOUS WHITE HYBRID PUPPY IN NC - 04c3b648-13b1

wolf hybrid cub <3

Maybe a low content wolf dog. It's so hard to tell with pups of lower content

miniature australian shepherd

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog


Big Mama Cat with a Big Paw, the perfect place for her Cub to rest her head for a Cub Nap. More cute baby animal pictures at source.

tame fox  MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE  awesome places and weird facts ONLY

Found my future pet, HAHAHAHA suckers<<< PERFECT now I just have to convince my mom. Me: Can I have a fox Mom: no Me: Why not they're adorable and these ones are tame Mom: because I said so Basically how that conversations going to go

lukeisnotsexy:  they stay in my fucking house. all of them.

This is a Pomsky; half Husky, half Pomeranian They don't much larger after their first six months.