by Alice in Campobasso, Italy, 5/15 (LP)

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Madsteez at work, Los Angeles (LP) |  Street Art | Street Artists | Art | modern art | urban artists | urban art | travel | graffiti | mural | Schomp MINI

- Valerie Cheers Brown Madsteez at work, Los Angeles amazing street artwork

Arte urbano: Mural nueva paloma por Super A

Pigeon murals Dutch street artist Stefan Thelen aka Super A, turns city pigeons into beautiful large scale pieces of art. His latest piece at top was just completed for Mural Goes in Goes, Netherlands.

Without the use of paints, Portuguese artist Alexandre Vhils sculpts expressive faces on the walls of dilapidated buildings. Lisbon.

Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto (aka “Vhils”) - Lisbon, Rua de Cascais in Alcântara near the Santo Amaro Docks and represents the American street artist Brad Downey, his friend. (all rights reverved by Lisbon Lux)

Bruja por ZABOU

Bruja por ZABOU

Paaltjes street art

Street Art Where most of us would walk by and ignore this ugly space some very talented people give us a reason to stop, look and smile. Street Art Utopia click and check them out.

Monster uit mijn favoriete boek!

Where the wild things are art Who doesn't love! We could be the "Wild things"

106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2012

- STREET ART from Olsztyn, Poland, with a little bit of humor / By Adam Łokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski / Have a nice day!

BoaMistura Location: Cape Town -

Artist: BoaMistura Location: Cape Town - City Bowl Photo: Carole Moreau - Street Art in Cape Town.per Jan Taylor via Filipe Florentino onto his 'Murals' board