Elizabeth (left) and Margaret (right) went out on VE Day in 1945. Or so it is claimed in the new movie.

Future Queen of England Princess Elizabeth and future Countess of Snowdon Princess Margaret, circa late

royaland:  Margaret and Elizabeth

The Princesses pose for a portrait- left, Princess Margaret; right, the future Queen Elizabeth II. Circa Princess Margaret was stunning!

Queen Elizabeth ll

Queen Elizabeth II: Style through the ages

Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Elizabeth at the time, with her mother (the Queen Mum)

Queen Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth in Her wedding dress, November The genes run strong in that family- this looks like Prince Will in a dress. Pretty picture for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

An officer and a princess.  Royal Navy officer Philip Mountbatten with his fiancee, Princess Elizabeth of York.  The couple's engagement was officially announced on July 10, 1947.  Shortly before then Philip had renounced his Greek and Danish titles, had adopted "Mountbatten" as his surname, and had become a naturalised British citizen.

Prince Philip’s Mum Had a Habit

HISTORIC ARTICLE: Prince Philip of England’s upbringing was far from normal. He was born June on a kitchen table on the Greek island of Corfu in a house that had no electricity. - Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip engagement july