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Shikiri bento box $23

Shikiri Bento Box

Shikiri bento box $23

Rectangle Silicone Cups - Black & Red - Trendy Lil Treats

Rectangle Silicone Cups - Black & Red

Nuri Wappa

Nuri Wappa

Sleek, black and elegant - Nuri Wappa is one of our most attractive bento boxes.

Bento Colors

Bento Colors | Orange

Bento Colors: a very unique bento box. Our Best Seller since Great colors with this Japanese lunch box!

You know I had to ;)

These Traditional Japanese Doll (Kokeshi) Bento Boxes are too Kawaii ! We have many designs from Samurai to Darth Vader.

Boîte bento taille M, avec le poisson dessus >w< !! (l'inscription signifie "voici des restes ..." :3 )

Nokorimono Bento

The writing on the lid of the Nokorimono bento box, says deferentially nokorimono desuga.(残り物ですが…), or 'I'm afraid it's just leftovers.

Nagabako Mokume

Nagabako Mokume

Nagabako Mokume is a long, slim bento box with a realistic, handpainted wood design.

Book Bento

Book Bento | Navy

At Bento&co we like to offer original bento boxes, and the Book Bento is one of them!



The Nonbiri bento box is a masculine box with one of the largest capacities in our range of single-person bento boxes.