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Pre Vizsla: Star Wars the clone wars

Pre Vizsla: Star Wars the clone wars

Pre Vizsla, not a good representative of true Mandalorians and leader of the Death Watch.

Pre Vizsla leader of the Death Watch.

Pre Vizsla

Pre Vizsla was the leader of the Death Watch, which is considered to be a Mandalorian terrorist.

Mandalorian Super Commandos fought for Darth Maul following his takeover of Death Watch during The Clone Wars.

Mandalorian Super Commandos under rule of Darth Maul as leader of Death Watch during The Clone Wars.

Sith Assassin Maul Opress - Clone Wars Season 7 by ENGELHA5T on deviantART

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Sith Assassin Maul Opress - Clone Wars Season 7 by on deviantART

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Death Watch/Legends

The Death Watch—or Kyr'tsad in Mando'a—was a Mandalorian splinter group founded by Tor Vizsla.

He’s basically the perfect specimen. | This Is Everyone's New Favorite "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Character

He's basically the perfect specimen.

la historia del stormtrooper más leal y viral

Lightsaber techniques

Alternate Lightsaber Techniques -- I think the Jedi Council needs to take some notes here. Here are more references of animation posies my character could use for his lightsaber attacks.

Pre Vizsla's black lightsaber.

Pre Vizsla (pronounced/'pri vizlɑ/) was a male Human from the planet Mandalore and was the.

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Bo-Katan by Jedi-Cowgirl

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In case you don't get it, Delta Squad is an elite commando force that's featured in the game "Star Wars: Republic Commando". See Gregor in action here: . Star Wars The Clone Wars Gregor

Cad Bane: Was a Duros male bounty hunter from the planet Duro who earned a reputation as the galaxy's best, deadliest, and most fearsome mercenary during the Clone Wars. Though he worked for a number of clients, his loyalty was ultimately to credits—and by extension, the highest bidder. Bane employed a variety of weapons and allies to ensure that he always got his pay, and he became the leader in his line of work after fellow bounty hunter Jango Fett perished in the opening battle of the…

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Commander Wolffe - A clone commander who led the 104th Battalion's Wolfpack under Jedi General Plo Koon in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Clone Commander Wolffe, Battalion / Wolfpack / Jedi General Plo Koon

Dark Lords Of The Sith: A Darth Primer [INFOGRAPHIC] | Shirts.com - #starwars #episode7 #theforceawakens

Dark Lords of the Sith: A Darth Primer [Infographic]

"Boba Fett Costume" // Star Wars 1313, Game Concept Art (game cancelled after Disney's purchase of SW Property) Artist: Gustavo H. Mendonca

Star Wars 1313 - Boba Fett Concept Art by Gustavo Mendonca

I almost cried when I heard that line in Twilight of the Apprentice

When I first saw Twilight of the Apprentice, I hadn't seen Clone Wars yet, and this was already heartwrenching. But then when I saw Clone Wars.