Senecio scaposus

This is a cool Senecio from South Africa. It doesn't even look like a Senecio at this stage!

Haworthia "pale peace"

Would be a cute house warming ~ Haworthia "pale peace" is a marvel and strange plant

Echeveria fimbriata CRESTED- succulent- Nice Color Plant!!! Unique

Echeveria fimbriata - A Unique Crested-succulent [Family: Crassulaceae]

Peperomia graveolens 紅椒草- Tony的心情。日誌- 樂多日誌

Peperomia graveolens 紅椒草- Tony的心情。日誌- 樂多日誌


Conophytum bilobum - Living Pebble is a robust groundcover succulent plant, stemless or with short stems with time. Paired leaves are.

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