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Perfectly Timed Photos The cat that secretly wants to be wolf. This is something all cats should desire, IMHO.

From a fan. I feel like the Queen of Meme.

There’s no F in way…

There’s no F in way // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I laughed way to hard at this!

Ever wondered what’s the difference between a “game mechanic” and “gameplay”? Here’s 10 examples to help you understand. Take with salt:

Game Combat Mechanics Explained - Mart Virkus This was too funny! COD and Last of Us<<< the last two tho!


Why people run in different countries? #9Gag #funny #humor

Funny pictures about Why People Run In Different Countries. Oh, and cool pics about Why People Run In Different Countries. Also, Why People Run In Different Countries photos.

FPS Logic...omg these are all amazing!

FPS Logic...

These are funny but you actually do get red in the corners of your vision when strenuous activities have taken a toll on the human body^^^yeah okay mister clever person

Imagenes tomas en el tiempo justo

Perfectly Timed Photos, my favorite is the one with the shadow that's almost kissing.

This is the stuff I'm gonna miss if we go independent, we won't be part of the British jokes anymore

How British People Shower