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White Vintage (Bentley) @ Pinterest

A vintage white Bentley. The car I will drive away in after my wedding.

getaway car // lyrics // taylor swift // reputation

getaway car // lyrics // taylor swift // reputation

1958. Wrong, 59 or 60

Timeless travel style: monochromatic styling and a silk scarf to boot.Seated on the wing-back of a red 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, model wearing a suede cardigan lined in guanaco, over a caramel wool turtleneck and pants Photo John Rawlings 1958

New York Skyline, 1962, by Virginia Thoren June Bateman Gallery

Love the car, love the dog, love the fur coat! I was so born in the wrong era. Skyline of New York, 1962


(̏◕◊◕)̋ Great color palette! I'm looking for colors that work with a light teal. antiqued brick red is nice option! Minor Door (by Brian JC Osborne)