Use a wine bottle and LED candle for easy decorating!

GREEN Wine Bottle Candle Holder Hurricane Lamp Centerpiece - I want to do this with some of my empty wine bottles.

12 Cool Ways to Use Those Empty Wine Bottles. Glass bottles fill local dumps and monster landfill sites all over the world. While households can cut down on unnecessary waste by reusing glass bottles for food and liquid storage, many of us simply have more old bottles than we know what to do with. If that’s the case at your home, it’s time to get creative!

12 Cool Ways to Use Those Empty Wine Bottles

Wine Bottle Pendant Lights You can make so many things with a bottle cutter. For instance, these kitchen pendants were crafted from three old wine bottles. Cut just below the neck, wrapped in decorative wire then fitted with electrical fixtures.

Using paint, jewels, and any other art and craft bits you have lying about design your used wine bottles for a funky look!

If you are like me then there is always a wine bottle hanging around the house. It may be full but it won’t stay that way and to use it again in a creative way would be awesome. Here are some creative DIY ideas for reusing your old wine bottles.

Ideas para reciclar botellas de vidrio

Transforma y aprovecha las botellas vacías con estas ideas

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Candle holders made out of wine bottles Hereso Hereso Geib too bad our mom threw out all those wine bottles!

I am SOooo making these, especially the hangy ones. LOVE!!! Be great for my store. How To Easily Cut The Bottom Off A Wine Bottle

How To Easily Cut The Bottom Off A Wine Bottle -- (I would try this outside first. Don't know if there are any small fractures in the bottle when the 2 pieces split in the cold water. Interesting idea and definitely worth a try.