Cozy cable knit sweater bag trimmed with leather. The fully lined main compartment has a snap closure and features a zip pocket.

This is my new purse collection, this beautiful purse have the best from both worlds, is made out of 100% leather and 100% organic wool dye by hand with vegetables roots, hand knit, hand made, one of a kind.

This is my new purse collection, this beautiful purse have the best from both…

Bolsa em couro e tricô

Tory Burch 'Amulet' leather messenger bag with nautical logo crest and a flap front that includes a swath of cable-knit sweater.

Bolso de media.

The must-have bag of the season marries the cozy knit trend with oversized…

No pattern

There are so many beautiful knitted and crochet handbags in the high-fashion world. Purses, sachels, hobo bags, totes, you name it.

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La Miss Sicily di Dolce & Gabbana in versione coperta | Bags Stylosophy

Dolce & Gabbana "Miss Sicily" crocheted handbag. granny squares go haute couture in (This link is no longer active, but the purse here is so cute!

Handbag verde con manico a catena

Not sure if this really is a Dolce and Gabbana bag. But if it is, I think it's open for interpretation by crocheters, don't you think?