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Ancient World Maps: 14th century

World map from the English chronicler and Benedictine monk Ranulf Higden, published in the late century.

ancient maps | 17th Century World Map

World Map published in 1606 by Dutch cartographer and atlas maker Willem Janszoon Blaeu.

This double-sided Japanese woodcut displays a world map on the front and illustrated examples of the peoples of the world on the verso.  It exemplifies the Bankoku-sozu (“complete maps of the peoples of the world”) style of cartography influenced by European techniques and geographic knowledge in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

This double-sided Japanese woodcut displays a world map on the front and…

The history and origin of Chinoiserie.

Week 3: Chinoiserie

World Map Century Description: The Catalan Atlas produced in 1375 by the Majorcan cartographers Abraham and Jehuda Cresques is the most important Catalan world map of the Middle Ages. The world map originally consisted of various leaves.

"MAPPA MUNDI in JEAN MANSEL La Fleur des Histoires. Valenciennes, 1459-1463, manoscritto, penna, inchiostro e colori su pergamena, 30 X 22 cm (carta). Bruxelles, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, MS. 9231, fol. 281v. Mappa attribuita a Simom Marmion"

century T-O world map based on the medieval world view of the Spanish Archbishop Isidore of Seville (c. published between in La Fleur des Histoires by Jean Mansel.

Depictions of the world from the Iron Age to the Age of Discovery and the emergence of modern geography during the early modern period. (Informations and images from Wikipedia) update: due to an excess of page views for this particular post, we are obliged to reduce temporarily the big images in...

How the World was Imagined: Early Maps and Atlases

mapsinchoate: The Da Ming Hun Yi Tu (Great Ming Dynasty Amalagamated Map), China, 1389 Painted on silk in AD 1389 but with Manchu language captions superimposed on paper slips several centuries later, is the oldest surviving Chinese world map.

16th century copy of an ancient Persian cosmological map

'Delight of Hearts' - an early century copy of a Persian cosmography map by Zakariya' ibn Muhammad Qazwini. (from Rylands Library)

ancient map

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4247. Was the Rooster being deliberately obtuse, or did he simply not understand what Otis had said. I have to admit that I think the Rooster did not comprehend the idea the wolf was trying to express, and the reason is because birds apparently do not understand metaphors.

Giovanni Maggi 1625 In this view dated 1625 we see many ho uses along the streets between the Colosseum and the Lateran.