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.: Lost [FNaF AU Comic] Page 4 :. by Ailurophile-Chan on DeviantArt

Updated on 29 February 2016 The reason why Spring Bonnie suddenly stopped working, is cause his systems were malfunctioning it does happen from time to .:Lost [FNaF AU Comic] Page 2 :.


Great more people wasting great art skills on something as stupid as fnaf


Puppet: Keep my music box wond up and I won't kill you I don't just listen to the same tune but, that's what you hear. Puppet I do have headphones.

#wattpad #fanfiction did you think that mangle was broken because of kids...?was freddy really pushed down? was the 5 kids killed on purpose? whats the true story?Your find out when you open this book. this is also most of my theorys,but the order of the pizzerias and the real time of the 5 kills,nope.

Five Nights At Freddys -The Untold Story - ...some crazy pizzeria

My very first serious FNAF art - although I've changed the purple guy's (whose name is Barney Miles in my AU) appearance a bit. FnAF - Purple Guy and the Dead Children

xSugarBunny FNAF - Say Oniichan by SaitouHime145 on DeviantArt

xSugarBunny FNAF - Say Oniichan by on DeviantArt noo not Onichan