Fire eyes

Fire Walk With Me by MadamNoire on Makeup Geek. Perhaps make the whole face a flame, but the eyes as the focal point, very fantastic four!

girl on fire eye makeup lol

girl on fire eye makeup-this looks really cool. I would so try this if I had everything for it and wasn't Imagine this on a 12 year old 😂

Instagram media by lady_cube - You ask me if I learned to do makeup in school or by myself. I think it's obvious I learned by myself bc I have so much to learn still and here's example of a makeup when I just throw stuff on my face which I do when I'm dyeing my hair or something. Sloppy but I'm just trying things. That's how you learn. By not making mistakes you'll never learn. Tho I'm really flattered some ppl think I've gone some kind of school for this, it just seems weird for me.

Note that when eyes are half-closed, the eyeliner on the top lid is a straight line from inner corner to wing, then filled in.

Comic book inspired/cosplay eye makeup. Difficulty level for most of them look way harder than I could do myself

Eye Makeup - Eye Makeup - eye makeup-in superhero/villain style. - Health Beauty, Makeup, Eyes - Ten Different Ways of Eye Makeup

Photo by xoxoalexisleigh

I really like this red smokey eye look. I love the sense of depth and colour combination, I think the red eye shadow and the hazel coloured eye really go well together.