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Twenty years old. This guy is twenty years old. We love you Ash.

Okay. So Ash had a lot of battles in his life when he was younger. He was forced to grow up, he was suicidal, and he cut. He stopped for us. I'm so proud of him. It is really hard to stop but he beat it to the curb. Ash is an angel. He told us to not hurt ourselves. He is our strength when we need it most. We (the 5sos fam) are the ones that gave him strength and hope. He also said he would defend us if we got hurt. @5sosashtonirwin, I love you so much. You are in inspiration to me. Please…

do everyone who hated on me for crying when i saw him walk on stage at the concert. this boy gives me so much hope. he saved my life, and gives me the hope to carry on.

Are we not gonna talk about... "5sos punk imagines"? 0.0 lol awkward....

Luke's search history: punk imagines Lego movie Why is my mom so controlling? Penguin documentaries Will a lip piercing make me punk rock? Outfits to make me look punk rock How to be more punk rock

I KNEW IT! I was literally joking the whole time "what if mikey and the guys do that slow, running hug thing?". XD

excuse the word but this is too darn sweet and cute to not pin.

Makes me love him even more. We need more guys like him in the world.

this is why i obsess over this band No why is it raining on my face this is not okay, THIS IS WHY I LOVE LUKE HEMMINGS OKAY<<<<< this is why he is an amazing inspirational singer and guitarist

I'd like to point out thy once at Walmart I had my headphones in and my brother Daniel tapped my shoulder so I took off my head phones and she looked so perfect was on so I just sat on the floor listening to it. You may now all take a moment to judge me.

More like breakout in dance while mouthing the words and playing air guitar:)

Why do I feel like this is so accurate

Clara on

The accuracy. << Pinning for the Orange Chicken<<<you can feel the accuracy

YESSSSSS!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCAS!!!!!! I HOPE U HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY!!!!! Lots of love, the 5sos fam! xoxo!

Ashton aw< that picture is a perfect representation of how I feel about Luke being

Hey guys I need more 5sos board please invite me for a shout out

" "That's the new guy Luke, stay away from him" "Why?" "I heard he unplugs lamps out of anger" << that comment im actually dying


yes lets all appreciate luke for a sec<<<<<ive been appreciating him for a lot of seconds.


OMG FAKERS YASSSS BYE<< Other than the racist af "ching chongs" line I like this, seriously why are people so racist?

This just made my day!! XD I dont know them very well, I think i should..

Exactly why i love ash. I miss old ash who used to smile like a sumshine and loved ponies, llamas and literally every living things.

Actually, now it's been five and we couldn't be prouder and more thankful to have these boys as they are

thank you so much for two years of being a band. I've been a fan since 2012 and I've seen you boys grow up through this year. I love you so much :)<<I've been a fan since late 2013