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When Canada forgot its place. | 17 Times America Got Burned By Tumblr

17 Times America Got Burned By Tumblr

When Canada forgot it's place. That is why americans refer to canada as north us but less.

Like, seriously?? What is up with their speech??


Americans Ask What A Cheeky Nandos Is And British People Are Having A Field Day -- archbishop of banterbury <-- I'm dying!

I can not believe someone has disgraced our beautiful country by only having one eagle

Only 13 eagles? We no longer have 13 colonies, there are 50 states so all true Americans have 50 eagles

Black Holes


I honestly don't know why this is so funny, but I'm laughing my head of right now. Like laugh-crying.^*^ once a gecko girled into my shirt and I fell like a scream

Australian Christmas, Love that shit! Wouldn't want the bloody cold arse snow! I'm a solar powered Aussie and proud of it! I'd rather be swimming at Christmas and havin a bbq than stuck inside with all the rellies cos it's cold. Besides, I reckon our Aussie Chrissy songs are shitloads better!

Australian Christmas songs<< me currently: sitting in a pair of underwear soaked with sweat and stuffering<<naw Christmas is in a few days

Poison ivy

mean (awesome) poison ivy prank. Should've have done this in high school!

I though this was gong to be like one of those posts where "Oh, you've only read the book 4 times. Pfft, you're not a real fan."

THE fandom --- I thought it was a transition from the Supernatural fandom when I read "hang on the ceiling"

We give radio hosts a piece of our minds. | 17 Pictures That Prove Canadians Can Be Rude AF

We give radio hosts a piece of our minds.

Canadian stereotypes aren't that bad. We're nice, have a handsome prime minister, eat maple syrup. That's the best stereotype in the world.

This pretty much sums up the US-Canada relationship

This pretty much sums up the US-Canada relationship