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Kodak Camera

Kodak Folding Camera America circa 1920 Kodak accordion folding camera with black case. Many inventions at the time or improvements to old ones. Kodak is still around today making cameras and money!

Kodak Beau Brownie cameras. I will find them all

Kodak 2 Beau Brownie

The five colors of the Kodak Beau Brownie camera designed for Kodak by famed American industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague.

Eastman 2C Kodak Jr. CAMERA VINTAGE OLD Autographic ball bearing shutter. Film Size: A130.  Shutter: Ball Bearing T, B, 1/25-1/100. Lens: Meniscus achromatic, 4 apertures.   1910 Industrial Art

Vintage Kodak Camera Photography, Gift for Photographer Gift for Man, Antique Camera Photograph, Camera Picture, Black Rust Brown.

Camera Kodak Portátil. I found this exact one at a flea market for $5. I live when ppl don't know the value of a collectors item.

Super Kodak introduced in was withdrawn in production estimates vary between 714 and 725 being made; 719 is the most common guess.

Kodak pocket folding vintage camera. Click on the image for more information.

Kodak pocket folding vintage camera (Vintage Cameras, to at Bothell Jewelers & Collectibles