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and while the suit was flying around, Tony was doing the Michael Jackson lean thing

Interesting small details of Tony's Iron man suit in Homecoming, could that be hinting at some big change in Tony's technology in IW (that's what RDJ said in one of the press junket interview for SM:H, also the new sleek armor look from set photos)

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Spiderman also has his own times where he purposely breaks the wall it's not just deadpool

Ok Barry isn't marvel but the other 2 are so I'm going with this pin on my marvel biard

TBH, I only like DC because of Arrow and The Flash, other than that I'm a Marvel girl. But now, with all this Hydra cap crap, DC's looking pretty appealing right now. <---- Pretty much << eh i like the idea of hydra cap bc it's so sad

Let's all take a moment to appreciate Andrew here.

Tumblr Tuesday 6-4

Spiderman everyone :) <-I also cracked up when Sam said that to him. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Sassy Loki is polite Loki

Right because spitting in the hotdog is waaaaayyyy worse than cursing it so Spidey turns into a pig.>>killed 80 people in 2 days. Get your stuff together, Marvel fan girls