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It demonstrates the relationship between incidence and prevalence. Prevalence increases as incidence is added to the population being studied.

The image shows the relationship between incidence, prevalence and mortality. As the number of incidence increases, the amount of prevalence increases as well. The mortality rate however remains the same.

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This short article gives a brief guide to the different study designs and a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages.

Fun facts on the Ebola virus - Big O In DFW :)

People with Ebola are suffering life threatening diseases. People with Ebola pray so much for them to be healed and feel better. That is another example of how the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick could be used. -Real World Connections.

Социальные плакаты по профилактике ВИЧ

30 Years of AIDS: Iconic Posters, 100 Countries, 1 Collector - Hans Villarica - The Atlantic

Studying How To Study Infographic

How to Study: Studying Tips for College Students. Effective study habits are the keys to a successful college career.

Relative risks and odds ratios: What’s the difference? : The Journal of Family Practice

Relative risks and odds ratios reveal your chances of getting a disease based on exposure

HIV is a virus. It has no race, gender or sexuality.

An interactive annotation task based on past campaign posters, suitable for English & Media and Citizenship.