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Next summer (sadly 2013) we will go to Anaheim

Go to Disney land with my best friend


I want to go to a drive in movie, must be in the back of a pick up truck though. Lots of blankets and pillows and friends, or a significant other. We even have a drive in movie place near our house.

best friends bucket list, deff need to do this again soon :)

best friends bucket list, deff need to do this again soon :) (Best Friend Bucket List)

Bucket List: Summer

Bucket List: Summer - Have a Bonfire

Bucket list ideas

Spend a Birthday in Vegas. Although this is not something I would want to do today (Vegas has really gone downhill), I spent my Birthday in Vegas with my Mom and my childhood friend Amber.

Bucket List: Summer

Bucket List: Summer This is very cool! I heard of some kids doing this in Europe! The currents Cary the bottle. If u live in America please tell me were the bottles will end up. I live on the east coast so please comment below were it might end up!

Really I've done this a million times so whoever hasn't done this is either a girly girl or a Yankee

Mud wrestle with friends

Ughh. I really want long hair!>>> I'm growing mine out. It's probably not gonna get that long untill high school…and that's in 2 years

Yes that way you can do cool stuff with your hair!

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Finish an entire coloring book! I don't care if I'm to old for them I will color in them anyways


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