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The wearable art gallery showcases exclusive artworks from respected artists, produced on high-end clothing made in Montreal in limited editions.

art of overwhelm

face shoes tongue Rolling Stones face art for fun graphic illustration artist Jorge Chamorro Ortiz

45 copie.jpg

Antoine Bruy documents the after effects of the mining industry collapse

Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi is Belgian illustrator and artist living in Brussels creating collages and artworks based on collage techniques

Ville Noire

This example of photomontage is interesting because it combines a mountain range with a vintage photo of a little boy with whipped cream. It is a light hearted image and pairs well with the light nature of the whipped cream.


Introducing the fantastic collages by Istanbul-based artist and photographer Merve Özaslan who merges multiple images into one exquisite narrative.