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#jimin #bts #반탄소년단

#jimin #bts #반탄소년단

akumanobonnou:  “ “ @BTS_twt 오늘은 졸업사진 찍었어요! 햇빛이 아주 좋아요!!! 훗 pic.twitter.com/m9rPFgyovx ”  Today I took the graduation photo! The sunlight is very good!! lol  Translated by me © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS  ”

Dang jimin this isn't fair alskjdfhdhks you're more beautiful than me even without makeup on.

Esto es exactamente lo que digo, es un bebé

Awww this is adorable 😍😍💖💖 Jimin is adorable 💖💖

Hình ảnh được nhúng

지민이의 집 on

I am trying so hard not to fill my Kpop board with Jimin pins lol but I just had to put this one in