Bob Marley. A man with such a powerful message to his music! A leader & true reggae master :)

Bob Marley, poet and a prophet, Bob Marley,talking like he walk it, Bob marley taught me how to off it.

bob marley... Every little thing is gonna be alright <3

bob marley legalize it

Bob Marley, I think he was one of the best revolutionaries and he respected everyone.

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:) Yes, I love Bob Marley. No, I don't smoke weed.

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Bob marley smiling (Seeco Patterson behind him)


Nesta Robert Marley OM was a Jamaican singer-songwriter who achieved international fame through a series of crossover reggae albums.

Bob Marley - Bob Marley

Bob and football - I love Bob ;

Bob Marley in the moment

Black and white photos with color pop

Bob Marley SHOUT! Signature Music Poster - Reggae Singing

Bob Marley, love the dreads


Interviewer: Are you a rich man? Bob Marley: What do you mean, "rich"? Interviewer: Do you have a lot of possessions, lots of money in the bank? Bob Marley: Possessions make you rich? I don't have that type of richness. My richness is life, forever.

Bob Marley ♫´¯`•

BOB MARLEY died 36 years to young a man and his band who brought people together. Very much missed!

bob marley day | Bob Marley Day 2013 - Tribute To A Legend - Celebrities - Nairaland

Bob Marley Day 2013 - Tribute To A Legend - Celebrities - Nigeria

Bob Marley cooks, Westmoreland, Jamaica, Marley cooks Ital food, a…


Bob Marley and his Godly features♥ RIP rasta king

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Bob Marley---in monotone pants & shirt.

Bob Marley at the Sunsplash Festival, Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1979.  Read more:  Follow us: @Michelle Flynn Rolling Stone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

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Bob Marley at the Sunsplash Festival … Montego Bay, Jamaica … 1979 … by Adrian Boot