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TT51 Userhet -  006

*EGYPT~ Painting of birds in a fruit tree from the Tomb of Userhet Western Thebes, Egypt

Egyptian Painting: "Sycamore Tree" detail. Tomb of Usehet, Thebes. About 1298-1235 B.C.

An ancient Egyptian sycamore tree. Its figs were eaten fresh or dried, its wood was used in sculpture, and it was revered as the Tree of the deity Hathor of the Sycamore, figuring in tombs, quenching the thirst of the deceased. Tomb of Userhat.

Murals from the tomb of Nebamun, British Museum, London. by Hans Ollermann, via Flickr

Murals From The Tomb Of Nebamun (A wealthy Egyptian official) Circa 1500 BCE -- British Museum, London.

Ceiling from the tomb of Sennefer, the Ancient Egyptian noble.Usually referred to as the Tomb of Vines

ancient-egypts-secrets: “ Ceiling from the tomb of Sennefer, the Ancient Egyptian noble. Usually referred to as the “Tomb of Vines” ”

The Goddess Nakht, Ancient Egypt Pharaoh.

’Tree goddess in Nakht's tomb at Luxor.’ A scene in the tomb of Nakht portrays a tree goddess presenting several offerings to the deceased .

Ancient Egyptian garden detail

Tomb-chapel of Nebamun Thebes, Egypt Late Dynasty, around 1350 BC (location Room 61 Bristish Museum)

The Tomb of Ay in the Valley of the Kings. Ay was the penultimate Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt's  Dynasty 18 (between Tutankhamen and Horemheb), about 1323-1319 BC.

Tomb Fresco -- Lotuses & A Flock Of Birds -- Tomb of Ay in the Valley of the Kings., the penultimate Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt's -- Dynasty 18 (between Tutankhamen & Horemheb), about BCE.

Tomb 3 (Khnumhotep II), one of the most notable at Beni Hassan, dates to the early 12th dynasty (1991-1783BC) Middle Kingdom. The deceased was a high official of the ancient administration area, the Oryx.

Amazing Ancient Egyptian Painting "Birds in an acacia tree, wall painting from Tomb of Khnumhotep III, Beni Hasan, Middle Kingdom" ca. We can recognise the hoopoe bird (Upupa epops).

Histoire de l'art égyptien by Prisse D'Avennes, 1878 b

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