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Talk about intense stare. I'll bet he gets the fish

The Osprey sometimes known as the sea hawk, fish eagle or fish hawk, is a diurnal, fish-eating bird of prey. It is a large raptor, reaching more than 24 in length and 71 in across the wings.

Male Brimstone butterfly amongst the Lavenders. by Matt Berry .

Make a Hand-Held Hummingbird Feeder

Homemade Hummingbird Feeder The Homemade Hummingbird Feeder doubles as a hand-held hummingbird magnet and DIY window feeder. Find out how to make this inexpensive craft idea in time for hummingbird season!

Such a beautiful little hummer! One of God beautiful jewels! God Bless it!


Once in a lifetime shot. It looks like this eagle is having snake for dinner -by Miu Anthony Kwok, Iryna

Dishfunctional Designs: Palette: Blue with Yellow Aims to Please!

Hyacinth Macaw - Endangered True Blue, I just heard that these are becoming harder, and harder to find. I hope that they don't become extinct.

red breasted pheasant

This pheasant species are popular in aviaries,the Golden Pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus). QUITE A GORGEOUS TAIL, OUI !


bird Brazilian tanager Beautiful birds on the wing feasting on red berries! birds of paradise Male Redpoll Bird via Paradise of Birds on Fac.

Red avadavat, posted by Muhammad Khalid via fantasticmaterials.blogspot.com

The Red Avadavat, Red Munia or Strawberry Finch, Amandava Amandava, is a sparrow-sized bird of the Estrildidae family. It is found in the open fields and grasslands of tropical Asia.

Cennet Kuşu

Bird of Paradise - Gorgeous Colors by Abdullah Altoub عبدالله الطوب


But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Me the eagle:)