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My Lovely Valentine by magnusti78

Ohh i wanted to do somehting pretty and simple so the result is. And less abstract Pls. Full-view for full effect My Lovely Valentine

Chaos Theory, Fractals and the complexity of existence… | Terra Incognita

Chaos Theory, Fractals and the complexity of existence…

Picasso’s portrait of A. Vollard (above), just like many cubists works from its analytical period picture the fractal vision of reality – looks like art preceded science in its practical applications of the Chaos and Fractal Theory

purple crochet... by FeliFee.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

UF play with 6 Layers Thanks so much for all your kind words and pics about my sweet cat 'Feivel' who died!

Fractal 35 by Cerzus69.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is one of a series of 40 fractal images I created myself, with a program that I wrote myself. I lost it after a sort of computer crash but I still .

Favorite Flower by Colliemom

My gallery and individual images contained in it are Copyright Lorrie/Colliemom.

Say my name, And every color illuminates, We are shining, And we’ll never be afraid again. Florence and The Machine I hope You like it Program: Ultra Fr.

Fractal Art Pictures25

40 Mesmerizing Fractal Art Pictures for Art Lovers

Fractal Art Pictures25