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I find myself without the ability to identify my feelings. Though that might seem like an advantage for some of us, we know deep down that is one of the most painful things in the world. The discom...

How to be more GUTSY with your decorating, instantly - Our God is a lion, the lion of Judah, He's roaring with power and fighting our battles. Every knee will bow before Him

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Superior Luxury — motivationsforlife:  Eyes Wide Open (White Lion)...

motivationsforlife: “Eyes Wide Open (White Lion) by Mark Dumont // Edited by MFL”

Mind blown: the word for lion in Turkish is "Aslan." !!!!

Look at that face. What a Stunning gorgeous creature lions are. We live amongst such beauty and it's mostly taken for granted.

Calvin Lewis Foster - Entrepreneur, Freelance, and Online Business Club  "Lion" https://twitter.com/entrepreneurCFO

(milkmaid photography) taken in this manner ~ a little full featured ~ a little full mane wise ~ similar classic appearance ~ golden ~ a little dark ~ very balanced ~ subtly dynamic ~ classic ~ timeless ~ subtly highly artistic ~ 🍫 (°