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10 Underrated Yoga Poses to Incorporate Into Your Practice. Forget handstands, Scorpion, and Down Dog for a while, and check out these underrated yoga poses that are worth a spot in your list of favorites!

Follow this four-week cycle to achieve better handstands, freestanding handstand push ups, press handstands, and handstand walking.

This program is meant for the person who is not efficiently secreting cortisol and feels tired much of the time. It combines strength, sprints, walking, gymnastics, and a sport of your choice.

This is why Kundalini Yoga has the power to heal: http://42yogis.in/1OZ1hhB #yoga

Picture yourself in stress or pain, and a healer sits next to you, lightly touching your arm. Then suddenly, that sinister energy just shifts in your body and you are completely relaxed. The healer

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Prevent Injuries by Controlling Your Hamstring - Equally important as learning how to make the hamstring more flexible is learning how to work with it in a shortened position. Discover how to do a passive range hold to help prevent hamstring injuries.

Hip-Opening Sun Salutations For Emotional Release

Hip-Opening Sun Salutations: Our hips carry around a lot of pent up emotions. When we are stressed or upset, we tend to suppress those emotions into our hips, where they set up shop until we can find a way to release them.

Here's everything you need to know about training for a handstand - preparations, progressions, and programming.

If you've always wanted to learn to do a solid handstand, this step-by-step handstand tutorial will get you there while avoiding injury.

Exercise Less- Lose More- 7 Simple Tips | Grass Fed Girl

Exercise Less- Lose More- 7 Simple Tips - Grass Fed Girl