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St. Augustine beauty (via yocastas.tumblr 46610608421)

Most beautiful Nubian Queens on planet earth happen to be beautiful black women. A Nubian queen is an endearing name that is used in African American culture. It refers to the women as gods or

red veil

Lady in Red. We try to always give our best … But people tend to look only for the worst love the colors and the mystery of the veiled women.

¿Te interesa la fotografía? ¿Eres un fanático de ir por allí registrando momentos, personas y lugares increíbles? Tomar buenas fotografías no es una tarea del todo sencilla, los fotógrafos profesionales llegan a desarrollar sofisticadas técnicas para lograr las mejores condiciones de luminosidad y composición

Nueve trucos de Steve McCurry para tomar fotografías increíbles

Esse Imaginaria: La noche fingida..

"Within her eyes laid a shrewdness and beauty. Her eyes knew more than most, and they told a story in their own words.

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arabswagger: Bedouin Man (babyyy i'm a rockstar)

A Bedouin beauty. In Book 2 of The Desert Sheikh, Sarah discovers that she isn't the only woman in love with the sheikh

I decided to use this picture as my inspiration for how we meet Zilla. The coins are good luck coins to protect the house from Zilla's bad luck hurting them.