Dancing Water...

July Droplets of colored water photographed at high speed capture unearthly patterns. Photographer Ruben Perez started creating these unusual images in his kitchen in Spain.dew drop in

So very beautiful

Blue Ice Bubbles Print By Cheryl Baxter


The water in the glass looks very realistic. I like the motion of the water. The transition between the tornado and the water is well done. I love the colors. The glass is transparent and it is holding the water like it's supposed too.

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Albanian self-taught photographer Adrian Limani creates tiny worlds inside fragile light bulbs. He takes beautiful photos and then uses his photo manipulation skills to make it appear as though the.

The Simple Philosophy That Can Supercharge Your Life

The Simple Philosophy That Can Supercharge Your Life

Ant pushing a water droplet. because, the ant has something to guard. people like this ant. people dedicate for precious.


One of the most common concepts explored within high speed photography is the splashing of liquid. Its natural flowing state does make it a good subject to use.

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liquid mushroom cloud