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Healing Crystal Grid

What are crystal grids? This article explains them, and how you can implement crystal grids in daily life situations.

Learn how to cleanse and charge crystals in a copper pyramid. Use pyramid power for healing crystals and crystal grids. #crystalhealing

Cleansing Crystals With a Copper Pyramid

Learn how to cleanse, energize and charge crystals in a Copper Pyramid. Use pyramid power for healing crystals and crystal grids. Also known as Charging Pyramids and Healing Pyramids.

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75 Magnificent Bed Designs

75 Magnificent Bed Designs

Temple Beds - Now here's a bed to make Cleopatra jealous. Every god and goddess deserve to sleep in their own temple, don't they? This pyramid bed wi.

Demystification time - here are 12  healing crystals and their meanings and uses for a wide range of ailments.

12 Healing Crystals and Their Meanings + Uses

Magical Thinking Pyramid Shelf. again, could make.

Magical Thinking Pyramid Shelf - Urban Outfitters length: width: heigh: use wood glue and coper paint


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