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Water Kefir Grains Live Culture Organic Tibicos

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Live water Kefir grains + fermenting instructions My grains are fed a variety of organic fruits. I like to use dates, figs, lemons, raisins, apricots and more! Occasionally I use blackstrap molasses (which will temporarily change the color of the grains). 🍇🍋🍒🍌 Welcome to the wonderful world of water Kefir! Transform your ordinary water into a healthy, probiotic rich beverage in just 24-48 hours. It's fun, easy and highly rewarding. • Make unlimited water Kefir! • What you will need: - Glass vessel - for fermenting in - Water (non chlorinated) - Sugar : natural cane sugar works best - One or a combination of the following : Blackstrap molasses, baking soda (pH balance), dried fruit or lemon wedge for added minerals and nutrients • How much Kefir grains will I need? Remembering how much Kefir grains to use is relatively easy. For every cup of water Kefir you want you make, use 1 tablespoon of grains. For 1 gallon of Kefir, use 1 cup of grains. - YOUR PACKAGE WILL CONTAIN - ❤️ Selected amount of organic live water Kefir grains ❤️ Simple to follow fermenting instructions • KOMBUCHA OR WATER KEFIR? Water Kefir and Kombucha both deliver so many amazing benefits, so which one is right for you? Maybe both! Below I have listed some facts and benefits of both cultures. BENEFITS OF WATER KEFIR • Water Kefir only takes 24-48 hours to brew during primary fermentation. • It is GOOD for you. Containing more vitamins and probiotic strains in general, than yogurt and other natural probiotic sources on the market. • Water Kefir "grains" are a type of SCOBY ( symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast ). The name refers to the look of them only, as they are not related to any sort of wheat. • Water is the main ingredient. Some sugar and fruit/molasses for minerals ( optional ). That's it! • Cheap to make! With the few simple ingredients it takes to make water Kefir, you won't be breaking the bank for your health. • The gift that keeps on giving! Did you know, when properly cared for, your Kefir grains will multiply? That's right! So give some to your friends and family, eat them plain or make MORE Kefir. • Kefir grains are "clean". This means their appearance is...well just that! They do not produce excess visible yeast. This is neither a good or bad thing, just a pleasant plus for people new to the world of probiotic cultures. It also makes eating them by themselves that much more enjoyable! • Water Kefir is a more "general" probiotic for your body ( not too intense ) • Kefir grains are tough. They can be chewed easily, but they are quite resilient by nature. • Grains can be stored easily! Need a brewing break? Store them in a container with some sugar water, in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. They are tough little guys! Grains can also be dehydrated and stored for up to 6 months ( I do not recommend this - but sometimes it's the only option ). • Will not only ferment water, but natural fruit juice and coconut water as well. • Water Kefir tends to be more palatable than Kombucha for youngsters and some adults. Mellow, effervescent, lightly sweetened probiotic drink you can flavor just about any way you like! BENEFITS OF KOMBUCHA • Kombucha is brewed with black or green tea making it extra rich in antioxidants. • The gift that keeps on giving! Similar to kefir grains, your Kombucha SCOBY will create a new SCOBY during each brew cycle. Give one to a friend, make delicious SCOBY jerky and candies, pet treats, hair rinse, face masks and of course more booch! • Kombucha is not just a beverage. You can make delicious vinegar that also serves as safe/effective household cleaner. It can also be used in your hair as a rinse for extra shine - and boy does it work wonders! Throw some in with your laundry for the extra dingy loads. Cleans the dishwasher quite well also. There are a lot of possibilities in store when you begin brewing your own Kombucha! • Kombucha can be made with a light fruity flavor ( green tea ). Or, you can brew it more bold and earthy tasting ( black tea ). The tea you choose makes a difference in taste. This is a lot of fun when creating new flavors by pairing teas with double ferment fruits and juices. • Kombucha is inexpensive to make. Basic green or black tea and sugar. That's it! The special ingredient is the SCOBY! • Kombucha is not just a general probiotic beverage. It goes the extra mile! It contains stronger acids and enzymes which you body and gut get a mega boost from. • Kombucha really helps out when trying to kick a sugar or alcohol habit. • Kombucha contains a small amount of caffeine. • Amazing overall detox for the body and instant, more effective probiotic. Purchase a Kombucha SCOBY - Purchase a Kombucha starter kit - Purchase Kombucha / Kefir combo - Thanks for visiting! Sara 💚
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