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Love planning vacations?  Save this detailed tour map of London to make your trip as easy as tea & crumpets!

Tourist Tube Map - Knightsbridge gets replaced with Harrods, White City is called Westfield Shopping Centre, Old Street is now Shoreditch. Poor tourists will have a hard time finding the right stop when they alight from the Tube.


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do the cities and the metro maps for each table. Totally a different take on how to do table names with graphics

New London Tube Map Shows How Long It Takes to Walk, Not Ride a Train

New London Tube Map Shows How Long It Takes to Walk, Not Ride a Train

Transport for London has released another alternative version of the Tube map—and it’s actually really useful. The London transport manager has created a ‘Walk the Tube’ map, which shows how long it takes to totter between stations.

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40 Quick London Travel Tips You Must Know Before Visiting In 2017

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“‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.” Alice in Wonderland as a Subway Map | Brain Pickings

Alice in Wonderland as a Subway Map

Looking Glass Land Transit Map - for the lovers of literary classics: a subway map of Wonderland.