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To hell with sunscreen, I need shady people screen!!!

To hell with sunscreen, I need shady peoples screen! Oh how I hate shady ass females.

Nope it's not any type of revenge, I don't give a shit about revenge. It's just me laughing at you!

This is the truth if I've ever heard it! Miserable ppl dont want to be happy and when two find each other, well hell more power to 'em! Funny tho how they'll find ways to blame their misery on others.

Shady People! I always say it will catch up to them... But it never seems to.

I always say it will catch up to them. but shitty shady people don't always get what they deserve unfortunately.

lol i can think of a lot of people this applies to

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I hate two-faced people. It's too hard to decide which face to slap first.

This is for you Jessica Reeder. Let me give you a lesson in what "Borrow" means = you return what was lent to you. What you do when I ask for my stuff back = ignore my texts and messages, then proceed to delete me on FB so you can avoid giving me back my stuff. SHADY!

Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: Would you like some sun? Cause you're shady as fuck.

You know people like this. Don't be fooled... Lol

'You may be able to fool people with your fake personality but there's people who know what a total Bitch you are." Emotional Vampires can really "act" and wear a mask when they want to impress or get what they want.

Yep finding out with some...

Free, Friendship Ecard: that feeling you get when someone you thought was cool as shit, turns out to be shady as fuck.