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Therapeutic Benefits That Video Games Can Provide


The mortal song of Mismagius

I so wanna see this in the anime

oh god my heart QAQ

15 Pokemons Visualized As Real Animals

15 Pokemons Visualized As Real Animals

15 Pokemons Visualized As Real Animals. This is so freaking cute!

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Undertale - pokemon parody>>Frisk being Eevee is perfection

(149) - mimikkyu New Pokemon

- mimikkyu New Pokemon- Finally, a comic of Mimikkyu that isn't sad.

Primal Groudon > Kyogre

Primal Groudon > Kyogre

just primal evolve Kyogre! U are one of my favourite legendaries Kyogre.

Mimikyu || 778

Everyone’s playing Pokemon Go but I’m over here loosing my mind over Mimikkyu! The adorable spooky pokemon that disguises itself as pikachu so it can make friends!

pokemon and mismagius Bild

pokemon and mismagius Bild

Team Aqua is officially my second favorite Pokémon villain team, they can't touch Team Flare's style

Team Magma vs team Aqua (so true)

XDD / iFunny :)

(Pokémon) Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite

Had a think about what Mimikkyu would look like if it imitated some other…

mimikyu forms pokemon sun and moon

Mismagius by FeatherandFaun

Faun's Stream of Mismagius from last night!

Pokemon X and Y Awesomeness.

Pokemon X and Y Awesomeness.Mega Charizard X & Y

Cat Pokemon by DragonlordRynn on deviantART

Cat Pokemon by DragonlordRynn on deviantART. I love cat Pokemon. Except Purugly.

This is flipping adorable

Ditto finally found a friend Awwwww!