Pajaritos con servilletas

always bring any vignette to life. These are sweet. An odd shape, but any bird figure from thrift store, or craft, then decoupage. And spindle salvage for the bases.

Aqui na Varanda ...: Papel Mache

Aqui na Varanda .: Papel Mache (bottle/jar + paper + papier mache and paints)

Papel Maché. Más tutoriales para hacer pasta de papel:

Fast Easy Paper Mache Recipe - Here is the simple way to make great paper mache in about 2 minutes. Lots of Paper mache projects on my website:

Котофей Тимофей! (п.-маше) | Страна Мастеров

Котофей Тимофей! (п.-маше) | Страна Мастеров

papel mache porquinho ideias como fazer

Papel Machê Fácil Feito Com Jornal – Passo a Passo

Yesterday's newspapers.. Today's papier mâché art doll

Use wine bottles filled with sand as doll figure. Paper mache and polymer clay-neat idea, I imagine them painted all black, maybe with some iridescent glitter!