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19 Perks Of Having A Sibling( I find them funny even though I'm an only child )

19 Perks Of Having A Sibling

@anwiedees omg this always happens to me especially at the movie

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Sometimes I do it one more time to fake use it but then it's not out so I click it again LOL

That awkward moment when someone yells at you for clicking a pen but you have to click it one more time to use it.

I wonder?

I've always wondered if it's hard for the British to talk in an American accent even though it isn't hard for us Americans to talk in British accents.

I want the sleep but literally EVERYTHING ELSE says that I shouldn't. I sleep anyway.

Why sleep when you can meme?

Every time I have to force myself to sit up and get out of bed so I don't lay back down and close my eyes. If I do "rest my eyes" I indefinitely fall back to sleep.

Right! I suck at being an adult!

I suck at being an adult!

The struggle is real

when my parents leave I like to sing Broadway shit loudly while playing Roblox

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Dead ass tho, just trying to put my hair in a pony tail walking around the house holding my hair and I'm just like well fml