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I got You got: Coke  You are all-American, a true classic in every way. You're the rock of your friend group, always there, always available. And, of course, you are very, very sweet.

Which Soda Are You?

Which Soda Are You? Pepper You’re an enigma, possessing of that ever-elusive “je ne sais quoi.” No one can quite figure you out, which either means someone thinks you’re weird, or you’re incredibly sexy. Either way, you’re fine with it all.


What Is Your True Power?

that is actually pretty cool cause I grew up loving water. I am basically either in the ocean or pool everyday of my life. My dream is to be a mermaid(; That's Pretty Accurate!

Do you think 10 pictures can confirm your identity? (You're a woman in your early 30's. We're guessing around 32 years old. Maybe 33? You have your own man, and you love him so much; he loves you, too. You like to spend time with him, but also with your friends. You like to relax in your free time. You are thinking about a family and children.)

Can We Guess Who You Are By The Pictures You Pick?

i got: 5; You are optimistic, smart and spontaneous. People with the lucky number 5 usually tend to pursue freedom. You do not like to be bounded by your surroundings and others, and so you are quick to act on your thoughts and feelings. You always excite those around you! Fives are particularly lucky in Chinese traditions where we see the five Chinese blessings: Health, Wealth, Luck, Life, Peace. Five is a lucky number for physical health and protection

What Is Your Lucky Number?

Lucky number Take this quiz and find out which number holds a special meaning for you.

Is Your BFF Your Perfect Match? Total Twinsie alert!

Is Your BFF Your Perfect Match?

Is Your BFF Your Perfect Match Total Twinsie Alert You and your BFF are twinning like WHOA! You dress alike, talk alike, play alike, and your similarities show every time you’re together!

Which Donut Are You? Buzzfeed Quiz. I got: Boston Kreme. Dawg! You're athletic and mad chill. You're not fancy; you don't like frills. Your idea of a perfect time? Joking with your friends.

Which Donut Are You?

Which Donut Are You You got: Boston Kreme Dawg! You’re athletic and mad chill. You’re not fancy; you don’t like frills. Your idea of a perfect time? Joking with your friends.

Which Disney Princess Should Be Your Best Friend

Which Disney Princess Should Be Your Best Friend?

Which Disney Princess Should Be Your Best Friend? This is by far the best disney friend quiz ever.

I Got Cool As A Cucumber – Less than 10% OCD!! You’re just going with the flow, huh? Must be a nice life. Grass a little too long? Hair a little out of place?  No big deal. Alphabetical order? Who cares? Life’s too short to worry about that stuff, right? Kudos to you for worrying about the “big picture”, but you probably should make your bed. Where do you think your friends stack up on the OCD meter? Share this quiz and let’s see where they’re at!

I Got Full Blown OCD – Approximately OCD!you are clearly about as OCD as they become. Everything must be in its proper place, at its proper time, proper length, and proper order – or it is TOTAL CHAOS!

Which one of your best personality traits stands out amongst all the others? Take the quiz to find out.

What Is Your Most Dominant Character Trait?