Une série de clichés sur le thème de Cuba, par le photographe Andrew Moore.

Cuba / Andrew Moore

Three old doors, Calle Bayona, Cuba by Andrew Moore Photography©

Street in Cuba

Vangelis Paterakis is a professional hotel, food photographer based in Athens, Greece and travels all over the world for his assignments.

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Cars of Cuba.Brought to you by at in Eugene, Oregon frozen in time.

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Cuba had a beautiful architecture. After 1959 Cuba has deteriorated. The beautiful buildings with elaborate facades have fallen and destroyed. Today is just a ugly sketch of a beautiful past.

These AMAZING Photos Of Cuba Will Give You Severe Wanderlust

These AMAZING Photos Of Cuba Will Give You Severe Wanderlust

Planning your next vacation, these photos of Cuba will make you book your tickets to this ocean paradise in no time.


In 1925 French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier redesigned the Paseo del Prado, lined with trees and with marble benches & promenade La Habana