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Ook mooi voor een tattoo!

Ook mooi voor een tattoo!

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"We're all mad here" Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland Tattoo. Ok not a tattoo person but I love this phrase for some kindof craft.I think more of the cat would make this more.

Floral Anchor - n/a, in both color and black ink. Finally, an anchor tattoo that's not like all the rest!


this is a tattoo which i got in the end of august a hummingbird because been considered as smaller and weaker than others when i was a child. as for now still very short and thin. hummingbird is the smallest bird but str

if I had a tattoo for every tattoo I wanted... I'd be competing with the worlds most tattooest man...

if I had a tattoo for every tattoo I wanted. I'd have like a ton of tattoos.

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Have you ever lost your mind trying to figure out how to solve the Rubik's cube? Well, Rubik's Cube Formula Tattoo Won't Help You Solve It Any Faster.