Una baccio… ( my guardian- angel and me…)   (I seriously doubt that my Guardian Angel looks this innocent.)

Romantic Encounter ~ 1864 Count Mihály von Zichy Hungarian), Mixed Media: pencil, brush and ink.

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cyrilrolando: “ Show me love by AquaSixio Do you love me when you ask if I love you ? I will make you cry, whatever the answers. You remain upset, even if I dry your tears. You had an hard day but it’s not a reason… Show me love : just tell me what.

Лента Ріммы Зеленько

It was made by the artist Hajin Bae. I was holding his warm and firm hand while we were walking between the little old houses. The night air was cold but his touch set my heart on fire. It was like a dream. Two human beings surrounded by sparkling stars.

Love Moon

I see the moon and the moon sees me. I love the moon and the moon loves me!

romance sur le toit ❤

romance sur le toit ❤