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Elsa - I am the Raging Storm. Anna - I am the Thawing Love. Rapunzel - I am the Glowing Sun. Merida - I am the Changing Fate. <3 //I really love this..

The Female Four

Elsa (Winter), Anna (Spring), Rapunzel (Summer) and Merida (Autumn).

The Evil Queens are the princesses that were never saved. Rewrite a fairytale ending were the princess is not saved. (Just because they aren't saved doesn't mean they die e.

I am a princess

I am a Princess. Long may I reign. I LOVE THIS It the I am a princess commercial for Disney channel!

Please watch this video. It's my graduation video and I need to know if it's good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAj2yUWxv4k&feature=youtu.be

Olaf will melt when Elsa dies? That's so sad! But, Elsa will always be alive if people always remember her. So technically she could be immortal and so would be Olaf!

Minimalist Disney Movie Posters - I think Jungle Book has the best one but they're all really well done

Minimalist Disney Movie Posters

Minimalist Disney Movie Posters - I love them all, especially the lion king, the jungle book, or the little mermaid

Princess Jasmine 2 Watercolor Art - VIVIDEDITIONS

Princess Jasmine 2, Aladdin Watercolor Art Print

- Description - Specs - Processing + Shipping - Create your own sparkle with this girly girl decor art print. This oh-so-chic and unique design in our impressionistic + splatter watercolor style is la

This is a remake of the elegant versions of the disney princesses made into other disney girls. (In order: Aurora as Merida, Belle as Charlotte, Tiana as Lilo, Jasmine as Kida, Mulan as Jane, Pocahontas as Meg, Rapunzel as Esmeralda, Ariel as Wendy, Cinderella as Tinkerbell, and Snow White as Alice)

Disney princesses with the colors of non-Disney princesses Aurora=Merida Belle=Lottie Tiana=Nani Jasmine=Kida Mulan=Jane Pocahontas=Megara Rapunzel=Esmeralda Ariel=Wendy Cinderella=Tinker Bell Snow White=Alice

If Disney princesses had instagram... Laughed much harder than I should have! Dishonor on your cow!

If Disney Princesses Had Instagram, The World Would Be A Better Place